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managing the grieving process

4 Steps to Managing the Grieving Process

The grieving process is something that everyone will experience in their life, and nurses probably will experience it more often than most. By following these four steps, the grieving process can be managed and overcome healthily and efficiently. Accepting the reality of the loss…

comfort tips for lay caregivers

7 Comfort Tips for Lay Caregivers

Lay caregivers are alone most of the time with their patient. It is vital that the caregiver is confident and competent with comfort strategies. Here are seven comforting tips for an end-of-life situation that lay caregivers should be taught and understood before taking on…

alternate methods for managing pain

Alternative Methods to Managing Pain

When your patients have pain, often they will treat that pain with medication. However, there are many options available for patients who aren’t interested in pills or for people who want to incorporate alternative methods to manage pain in with their schedule of medication.…

What Are the Risk Factors of Cancer?

Cancer is one of those scary words that mark out a death sentence in most people’s brains, and in a lot of cases, rightfully so. That is why it is good to know exactly what puts your patients at a higher risk for cancer,…

cbt for panic disorder

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for Panic Disorder

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for panic disorder is an effective treatment for sufferers with or without agoraphobia. It may be used in conjunction with medication or independently. CBT empowers the patient with techniques to manage stress and decrease anxiety and correct thinking patterns that…

How to properly assess a patient for opioid therapy:

It is a difficult task determining whether or not your patient should be prescribed opioid medication for non-cancer chronic pains, since this is quite a controversial topic due to the side effects and possible misuse of the drugs.  That is why learning how to…

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