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Nominate a Warrior Winners: Pam Clevenger and Michelle Doran

Nominate a Warrior Winning Submission

Last month we asked our community to share inspiring stories about the nurse warriors in their life. The were many amazing submissions of breast cancer warriors who have demonstrated valor, inspiration, and positivity. Thank you so much to everyone who entered! We are honored…

Breast Cancer Warriors

Real Stories of Breast Cancer Warriors

We want to honor the breast cancer warriors working in healthcare who have demonstrated valor, inspiration and positivity as they conquer their battle. This month we asked our community to share stories of inspirations about the nurse warriors in their life. Here are just…

Eden Stotsky Nurse with Cancer

How Cancer Inspired This Woman To Become A Nurse

Chamberlain College of Nursing recently asked its Facebook fans why they chose to become a nurse. “Helping others” was a big reason; “Making the world a better place” was another top response. We were amazed, however, at how many nurses heard the calling after…


When a Nurse Becomes a Patient

When your career is healing others, your world turns upside down when you’re the one who must be healed. “Some say nurses are the worst patients,” says Eden Stotsky-Himelfarb, a workplace oncology nurse navigator for the Johns Hopkins Work Stride Managing Cancer at Work…

What Are the Risk Factors of Cancer?

Cancer is one of those scary words that mark out a death sentence in most people’s brains, and in a lot of cases, rightfully so. That is why it is good to know exactly what puts your patients at a higher risk for cancer,…

Is Massage Therapy Safe for Cancer Patients?

As recently as a decade ago, bodyworkers were consistently told that massage was contraindicated for clients with cancer. Massage schools and their instructors feared that massage would spread cancer throughout the body, and so taught their students to avoid treating these clients.   This…

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