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Physiological Assessment of Veterans of War

New veterans of the wars will present initially in a myriad of ways. Some may be very frail, labile, emotional, and needing to share their story. The modal presentation is likely to be defended, formal, respectful, laconic, and cautious (as if they were talking…

Marketing Program for Massage Therapists

The Marketing Program for Massage Therapists follows a few basic business principles.  Every marketing program contains four key components: Products and Services – Product strategies may include concentrating on a narrow product line, developing a highly specialized product or service, or providing a product-service…

Why Do Sports Concussions Go Unreported

The dangers of concussions have received national and international attention. There are many reasons that affect the reporting of sports injuries, especially concussions. The most common reason sports concussions go unreported, is that the injured player simply did not think he or she was…

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