Florida Certified Nursing Assistant Package 2019 — 24 Contact Hours

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  • Communication with Cognitively Impaired Residents/Patients (2 hrs)
    In the CNA role you help with assisting patients with moderate to severe cognitive impairment, however communication seems to be a common obstacle when working with these patients. This course provides CNAs with a basic understanding of cognitive impairment disorders and how they impact delivery of care with patients.
  • Documentation for Certified Nursing Assistants (2 hrs)
    A CNA has important responsibilities to the facility where he or she works and the residents/patients that he or she assists. This course explains the role of the CNA in resident/patient documentation of daily care.
  • HIV/AIDS for Florida Nurses (1 hrs)
    This course explains how HIV is transmitted, discusses the incidence and prevalence of HIV infection, explains strategies to prevent HIV infection in healthcare workers and in the general public, and identifies treatment options for HIV infection.
  • Medical Errors: A Critical Practice Issue (2 hrs)
    Medical errors are a silent and largely unseen tragedy. This course defines terms important to the concept of medical error, describes various categories of medical errors, and identifies strategies for reducing nine common medical errors.
  • Intimate Partner Violence (2 hrs)
    Domestic violence or intimate partner violence is a complex topic. The problem consists of case identification, a willingness to break the cycle of violence, as well as limited state resources to assist victimized individuals. This educational program defines the five main categories of intimate partner violence and discusses the cycle of violence and how healthcare providers can attempt to break the cycle.
  • Residents' Rights in Long-Term Care Facilities: The Role of the Certified Nursing Assistant (2 hrs)
    This course is based on the state of Florida’s statutes that establish resident rights in long term care facilities, as well as regulations that govern practices in order to ensure that these rights are met for all residents. This course will require CNAs to review their daily practices in order to identify how their practices support these rights, as well as how they can further enhance their practices to achieve the protection of a resident’s individual rights, as identified in the statutes.
  • Review of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (1 hrs)
    It is important that all health care professionals are adequately trained to handle cardiac and pulmonary emergencies. The prompt actions of a CNA may be the potential difference in life or death for the patient.
  • Infection Control: Standards for Nursing Practice (8 hrs)
    Healthcare providers must understand and be vigilant about the prevention of infection and the control of infectious diseases. This infection prevention and control course provides content important to healthcare providers, specifically nurses and CNAs, working in all healthcare settings.
  • Suicide Assessment and Prevention for Health Professionals (4 hrs)
    This course provides information about the background and statistical data of suicide within the US, etiology of suicide, suicide risk assessment, treatment and management, as well as risk of imminent harm with communication strategies, with a special focus on the veteran population.

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