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  • Maintenance Concerns for Community Association Managers (3 hrs)
    Among their many duties, community association managers in Florida are responsible for “Coordinating maintenance for the residential development and other day-to-day services involved with the operation of a community association. Managing community associations in Florida presents a number of unique challenges in maintaining the property due to the effects of intense heat, humidity, rain, and sun that are prevalent throughout the year. In addition to these damaging elements, coastal properties adjacent to a river, ocean, inlet, gulf, or lake face additional effects from salt water, sand, and erosion.
  • Privacy and Special Accommodations: Fostering a Sense of Community (3 hrs)
    Community association managers (CAMs) and the association board of directors (BODs) are charged with the challenge of establishing and enforcing declarations, covenants, bylaws, rules and regulations in keeping with federal law, Florida statutes, and local ordinances. The primary goal is to protect the safety and security of residents and to maintain property value. Equally as important is the developing a cohesive community among residents that promotes a positive atmosphere and preserves the privacy of residents and guests. 
  • Financial Management Topics (3 hrs)
    Florida has the highest number of community associations in the nation. Association fees and assessments must be collected and accounted for according to state laws that govern the amount of reserve funds the association must have to cover operations and deferred maintenance. The board of directors (BOD) is often comprised of individual association members who volunteer part-time and may have little experience in accounting, knowledge of Florida statutes, or ability to identify financial problems. For these reasons, community associations are often the targets of fraud, theft, and embezzlement.
  • Managing Human Resources (3 hrs)
    The community association manager (CAM) has many important responsibilities; the most complex may be managing human resources that include the volunteer BOD members and paid employees. That task is often complicated by the challenging relationships that may develop among the CAM, BODs, owners, tenants, and guests.
  • 2019 Community Association Management Legal Issues (3 hrs)
    The Florida House and Senate convened March through May of 2019 and introduced nineteen new pieces of legislation related to community association management. Many of proposed bills addressed similar topics that have caused confusion and misinterpretation among community association managers (CAMs), residents, and tenants.
    The 2019 proposed bills did not become law; they were ultimately postponed and withdrawn from consideration. This course will include a brief synopsis of the bills since many were discussed by CAMs, BODs, and owners as they waited for the legislative session to end.

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