15-hour CE Course for Oklahoma Dental Professionals

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  • Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office (4 hrs)
    There are common emergencies that may happen with dental patients, look for signs, symptoms and warnings that may occur before the medical emergency, also have an emergency action plan
  • Oral Health Considerations for Geriatric Patients (2 hrs)
    This course is appropriate for all members of the dental team (including dentists, hygienists and assistants) who want to incorporate prevention focused dental techniques while caring for older patients. Because dental professionals play a specific role in the quality of life and nutritional habits of seniors, it is vital to understand the adaptations of care planning and working with third-party caregivers to see that patients are looked after properly.
  • Pain Management for the Dental Professional (1 hrs)
    Pain assessment and management have gained attention in awareness, as it has been undertreated and inadequately managed. However, understanding the difference between acute and chronic pain is important.
  • Topics in Pediatric Dentistry (8 hrs)
    The dental professional's main goal when working with children is to make it a safe, comfortable atmosphere, and teach them the importance of proper dental care. Follow the updated guidelines for practices and procedures specially related to child patients.

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