Dental: Topics in Pediatric Dentistry

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Learning objectives

  • Identify the primary ways pediatric dentistry differs from treating adults.
  • List the goals of behavior guidance.
  • List and describe the main components and objectives of the dental consultation.
  • List four nonpharmacological behavior guidance strategies and explain what is involved in each method.
  • Discuss some of the pros and cons of having parents present during treatment.
  • Explain why nitrous oxide is typically preferred over protective stabilization as an advanced behavior guidance strategy.
  • List contraindications and potential adverse effects for nitrous oxide/oxygen inhalation.
  • List documentation requirements for deep sedation/general anesthesia.
  • List potential risks and contraindications for local anesthesia.
  • Discuss recent findings regarding xylitol and caries risk reduction.
  • List a recommended use for restorative procedures described in this course.
  • List the clinical examination steps for unfavorable developing dentition and occlusion.
  • List the primary objectives for occlusion for each stage of dentition.
  • Discuss the protocol for supernumerary teeth from infancy to young adolescent.
  • Describe the characteristics, causes and management of odontogenic infections in children.
  • Discuss the risks associated with excessive antibiotic therapy.

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