Fundamentals of Blood Flow Restriction Training

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Fundamentals of Blood Flow Restriction Training (BFRT)

Instructor: Pieter de Smidt, PT, DPT, Cert MDT, MTC, FMS-C

Course Length: 1 hour | Tuition: $39.99 or FREE for Elite Passport Members (learn more)

This is a livestream, interactive course.  The instructor will teach in real time and you will have the opportunity to ask and answer questions.


Are you using Blood flow restriction (BFR) in your clinic? If not, why not? This form of exercise has been studied extensively and is both safe and effective. BFR is an adjunct to low intensity resistance exercise (LIRE) or aerobic exercise that increases muscle mass, improves aerobic capacity, and aids in repair and regrowth of tissues. This course will explain how this treatment works, the types of equipment available, contraindications and safety protocols as well as the overall benefits to this type of treatment. You will examine safe and effective placement of BRF cuffs, pressure limits and the body’s response to treatment. You will finish this course with improved knowledge and skills in the evidence-informed treatment using blood flow restriction method.


Explain the benefits of blood flow restriction training (BFRT) and how it results in increased strength, hypertrophy and endurance.
Identify indications and contraindications of BFR Training as well as implement safety protocols for treatment
Be able to discuss safe and effective placement of BFR cuffs, pressure limits and targeted exercises
Describe the body’s response to BFRT


1. What is BFRT? (15 minutes)

  • History
  • Today: What kind of equipment do we have now

2. Why and How to use BFRT? (25 minutes)

3. How Does BFRT work? (20 minutes)

  • Mechanisms: local and systemic changes
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Precautions with BFRT
  • Indications for BFRT
  • Research Studies
  • BFRT Equipment


Pieter de Smidt, PT, DPT, Cert MDT,MTC, FMS-C owns and operates Reset Wellness Physical Therapy in Houston TX. He specializes in manual therapy using an evidence-based approach to treating movement dysfunction. A native of the Netherlands Dr. de Smidt was trained under the tutelage of doctor Stanley Paris at the University of Saint Augustine where he received his manual therapy certification. The combination of his international experience, clinical expertise and personality make him one of the most sought-after instructors in the United States.