Funeral Director: Current Trends in the Funeral Industry

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Learning objectives

  • Identify and describe three significant changes in the funeral industry during the last decade.
  • Explain the difference between preplanning and preneed contracts.
  • Discuss the pros and cons of prepaid preneed contracts.
  • Define the primary goals of green burials and requirements for certification.
  • Describe alternatives for a viewing without embalming.
  • Identify and explain four components of a home funeral and backyard burial.
  • List three ways to make a funeral service less resource-intensive.
  • Explain why most flowers purchased for funeral services are not “green.”
  • List five differences between traditional and natural cemeteries.
  • Choose and explain two new guidelines from OSHA and NFDA for the safe use of formaldehyde.
  • Define resomation, and describe the process.
  • List three ways cremations can be made more “green.”
  • Identify four ways to use social media networking to market a business.
  • Describe the most common services and/or merchandise associated with pet funerals.

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