Funeral Director: Green Funerals

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Learning objectives

  • List some of the primary principles of green burials.
  • Describe ways that traditional funerals and burials can be resource- intensive.
  • Discuss common restrictions in natural cemeteries and explain the reasons for each.
  • List three organizations that are associated with organ donation.
  • Describe alternatives to embalming that preserve the body for a period of days.
  • Discuss how fuel and transportation costs can be minimized in funeral and burial functions.
  • Explain ways that your business could assist with backyard or home burial products or services.
  • Explain what makes organic and fair flowers more expensive and what the certification signifies in each case.
  • Discuss why cremation is considered both green and not green.
  • Discuss the risk of mercury emissions from dental amalgam during cremation.
  • List five ways to reduce the ecological impact of cremation.
  • List the minimum green burial standards (Level 1 – hybrid burial grounds) for Green Burial Council certification.
  • List characteristics of sustainable landscaping (greenscaping) that follow the reduce, reuse, recycle, rebuy formula.
  • Explain the principles of integrated pest management (IPM).

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