Funeral Director: Modern Restorative Arts and Embalming Techniques

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Learning objectives

  • Define the green funeral trend and explain how it impacts embalming and the restorative arts.
  • List the OSHA guidelines for the use of formaldehyde in embalming.
  • Identify the possible effects of formaldehyde on mortuary professionals and the environment.
  • List four problem cases where embalming pre-injection is required.
  • Select and describe three techniques to manage edema.
  • Describe two alternative chemicals for embalming.
  • Select and explain four techniques for bariatric embalming.
  • Identify four components of pre-embalming analysis.
  • Define the career of desairology and its function in mortuary practice.
  • List the four areas of the desairology course of study for certification.
  • Describe the importance of restorative art in the funeral process for families.
  • Identify four examples of restorative art techniques for minor and major cases.
  • Discuss the ethical principles and professional codes of conduct that apply to the practice of embalming and restorative arts.
  • Describe three new trends that impact embalming and restorative arts today.
  • Identify four objectives of ecobalming.

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