Elite Healthcare Partner Solutions

Solutions for Healthcare Organizations

Partner with Elite Healthcare to provide your team with diverse and comprehensive educational resources that will help them deliver quality and consistent care. Our three brands, Elite Learning, Western Schools, and Advance Healthcare Network, offer a combined 75 years of healthcare knowledge, we have been a trusted source of professional development and continuing education since 1985 with a newly expanded user portfolio. Elite Healthcare offers courses across 24 professions to help healthcare professionals stay in compliance in 50 states. We've also teamed up with the Medicare Rights Center to help your staff understand the intricacies of Medicare rules and regulations.

Satisfy State Requirements

Over 400 courses to assist Healthcare professionals meet their required CEU's across the country

Medicare Knowledge

Help your staff understand the intricacies of Medicare rules through our partnership with The Medicare Rights Center and their Medicare Interactive Professional curriculum.

Stay up to date

We have education for all healthcare professions including nursing, rehabilitation therapy, social work, dental, and more!

Improving facility quality care and career development

Quality of care is a vital element for achieving high productivity levels within healthcare organizations and effective leadership is the highest contributing factor. By providing leadership courses to your facility, not only will you improve the quality of care in your facility but you'll also be promoting career development within your facility.

Why is Medicare such a big deal, and why should health professionals care?

Create Your Own Curriculum

Pick the courses you need for your staff from the extensive Elite Healthcare library. Whether you’re looking to focus on one area of expertise or expand on multiple specialties, Elite Healthcare partner solutions can put together a package that is affordable and comprehensive just for your facility. Students and staff will be able to access the designated courses and certificates right from their personal dashboard while you’re able to track their progress from our Student Performance Manager.

CE On Demand

With over 2,000 hours in our library, there’s no shortage of information for any specialty in any profession. Give your facility full access to the entire Elite Healthcare library at a discounted rate by purchasing multiple accounts. Set up classes and assign courses you require your staff to take, then track their progress through the Student Performance Manager. By providing access to our entire library of courses as well as personalized news and alerts from our Resource Center, your staff can prepare for whatever is asked of them.

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