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  • Introduction to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (1 hrs)
    This course will discuss Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and is designed to increase your awareness about this condition. Since touch can reactivate trauma, you should be aware that the condition exists and there are particular methods of massage therapy that address the special circumstances of individuals with PTSD. The course will provide information about how to identify PTSD and list several modalities that combine bodywork and psychotherapy.
  • Pathology of Chronic Conditions for Massage Therapists (2 hrs)
    Massage is used to help reduce pain and in some reduce chronic symptoms of cerebral palsy, fibromyalgia, myofascial pain syndrome and chronic fatigue syndrome, so to help people get better therapists must understand the illness.
  • Massage Therapy and the Stress Epidemic (1 hrs)

    The purpose of this course is to discuss the positive roleprofessional massage therapy can play in the stress epidemic in our modernculture. We will examine the negative physiological and biochemical processesthat occur in the body under stress and counterpoint them with the beneficialprocesses that occur in the body during massage. We will also look at thecultural symptoms that contribute to our collective stress and discuss thestatistics that qualify stress as a national epidemic.

  • Ethics in Massage Therapy (2 hrs)
    Ethical code and professional standards of conduct have important values and concepts in professional massage, also within the boundaries that define therapeutic relationships.
  • Human Trafficking in the United States: Foreign and Domestic Victims (4 hrs)
    Human trafficking is one of the fastest growing criminal industries, so what steps can be taken if trafficking is suspected, what are the signs to look for, and what types of intervention are used to address it.
  • Massage Therapy for Sports Injuries (4 hrs)
    This course is designed to familiarize massage therapists with the techniques most commonly used to treat sports injuries, the general terminology associated with sports injuries, the most common sports injuries, the anatomy and physiology involved, and the sports each injury is usually associated with. The course also reviews several tips for helping athletes avoid specific injuries. In several instances, learners will discover that massage therapy is contraindicated given the specifics of an athlete’s condition.
  • Working With Clients with Health Problems (2 hrs)
    Massage in chronic illness can offer relaxation, stress reductions and some relief of muscle ache and tension, learn the basic information about these chronic conditions that may be present in clients, what causes the condition, the symptoms and treatments.
  • Medication & Massage Therapy Part II: Common Gastrointestinal & Pain Medications (4 hrs)
    Following completion of this couse, you will be able to name common medications for pain and inflammation that may require adjusted manual techniques, name common gastrointestinal conditions in which massage may be contraindicated, and list symptoms associated with drug toxicity.

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