Massage: Therapeutic Breath, Posture, Fundament Movement

Tue Nov 3 | 02:00 pm - 06:00 pm EDT
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This course is Part 1 and a pre-requisite for part 2 and 3. In part two we expand into more pre-postures and a Fundamental Movement Algorithm(FMA). Part 3, FMA plus Active Isolated Stretching. This course is a pre-requisite for supported safe range of motion, massage techniques that address core stabilization and movement. It is evidence based stress resilience, core stabilization, lumbar pelvic stabilization, proper alignment, ergonomics, body mechanics, self-care, performance enhancement, fundamental stabilization to mobilization and massage techniques. This body of work bridges the gap between complimentary and western medicine. These principles are targeted for use within a massage therapy session. You will experience 4 breathing practices and an internal support system called locks. We will review current research regarding stability and sequences for safe education of posture with support. We will consider a holistic model of healing that you can bring into your sessions, into your own care. We will begin to learn a few “pre-postures” or safe progressions that help one to assess ranges of motion.

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