Nursing: Geriatric Assessment, 2nd Edition

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About the Course

This course provides nurses working with older adults in a variety of settings, including the community, acute, psychiatric, and long-term care, and at various points in transitions of care, with a solid foundation for assessing older adults across the healthcare continuum in the context of health, wellness, and chronic illness.  Assessments covered follow the domains for the older adult that can impact quality of life including: emotional, physical, cognitive, social, spiritual, economic, family dynamics, care giving, and safety. The course discusses common geriatric conditions and syndromes - cognitive impairment, delirium, incontinence, malnutrition, falls, gait disorders, pressure ulcers, sleep disorders, sensory deficits, fatigue, and dizziness - that can have a significant impact on quality of life and disability.  The course will help nurses be able to identify areas of vulnerability, develop early interventions, and initiate comprehensive plans of care to improve outcomes. 

Learning Outcomes:
Upon completion of this course, the learner will be able to:
  • Identify geriatric-specific assessments and methods to assess geriatric patients.
  • Discuss techniques used to assess mental health issues common to older adults.
  • Describe cognitive and physical assessment instruments used to measure function.
  • Discuss the various types of social and lifestyle assessments and their relevance.
  • Discuss the various types of safety and risk assessments and their relevance.
  • Discuss transitions of care for the older adult on the care continuum.

About the Author:
Karen Reynolds, DNP, CNS-BC, FGNLA

Karen Reynolds, DNP, CNS-BC, FGNLA, is a clinical nurse specialist at Sarasota Memorial Health Care System. She holds a Doctorate of Nursing Practice from the University of Florida in adult-gerontology acute care.  She received a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from Kent State University and a Master’s Degree in Nursing from Andrews University. Her career spans from the U.S. Air Force as a commissioned officer and nurse to a 25+ year nursing career at Sarasota Memorial. In 2012, Dr. Reynolds was selected as one of 11 fellows nationwide to participate in the Sigma Theta Tau Geriatric Nursing Leadership Academy. She is the Nurses Improving Care for Healthsystem Elders coordinator at Sarasota Memorial Health Care System. She has presented varied topics related to older adults internationally, nationally, and locally. Dr. Reynolds serves older adults in her community as an appointed member of the Sarasota County Commissioners Seniors Advisory Council. She is on the Friendship Centers’ Board of Governors, which serves a multi-county area by providing older adult services and health care. She is an associate professor at the University of South Florida (courtesy appointment) and adjunct professor of geriatrics at State College of Florida.

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