Nursing: Human Trafficking in Texas

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Target Audience: The target audience for this educational program is nurses and other health-care personnel who want to practice evidence-based care to identify, care for and report victims of human trafficking.

Course Overview: Health-care personnel are on the front lines of the fight against human trafficking. Nurses, physicians, physician assistants, and all health-care personnel must be alert to the often-overlooked signs of trafficking in their patients. This course is designed to provide a sensitive review of the issue of abuse in human trafficking and how it affects patients and their families. This modern slavery issue has been gaining ground, and the silent victims are in critical need of care and interventions.


  • Discuss the incidence and scope of human trafficking internationally, nationally and in Texas.
  • Describe the types of human trafficking.
  • Discuss the ethical and moral issues of human trafficking.
  • List risk factors and warning signs for those who may become or who are victims of human trafficking.
  • Discuss intervention strategies to approach trafficking victims and determine treatment.
  • Identify reporting agencies and community resources for human trafficking victims.
  • Explain the role of health care personnel in attacking the global issue of human trafficking and empowering victims for change.

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