Nursing: Special Topics in Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

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About the Course

Since nurses rarely see cases of “pure” attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), it is imperative that they understand the common comorbidities associated with ADHD and their effect on treatment and outcomes for patients.  This course presents assessment and diagnosis throughout the various life stages, beginning with childhood, then adolescence, and finally young adulthood as a college student.  This information will be helpful to use to conduct a careful differential diagnosis.

Learning Outcomes: 
Upon completion of this course, the learner will be able to:
  • Describe issues regarding access to care for persons diagnosed with ADHD.
  • Explain the prevalence, risk factors, assessment for, diagnosis of, and support needed to address the functional challenges of the child experiencing ADHD and the role of professional working with children affected by ADHD.
  • Discuss prevalence information relevant to college students with ADHD, factors that contribute to common challenges with regard to accurate detection and diagnosis in the college environment, laws governing accommodations at the college level, and strategies to minimize difficulties through proactive planning during high school.
This course is an extract of, and should not be taken with the course ADHD Throughout the Lifespan, 3rd Edition.

About the Authors:

Roberta Waite, EdD, PMHCNS, FAAN, ANEF, is a tenured Professor in the Doctoral Nursing Department and has a secondary appointment as a Professor in the Health Systems and Science Research Department at Drexel University, College of Nursing and Health Professions.  Dr. Waite is also the Assistant Dean of Academic Integration and Evaluation of Community Programs at the Stephen and Sandra Sheller Eleventh Street Family Health Services of Drexel University. She received her BSN from Widener University and her MSN from the University of Pennsylvania. She also completed her doctorate in higher education administration-leadership from Widener University and completed a 2-year postdoctoral research fellowship (T32) at the Center for Health Disparities Research at the University of Pennsylvania. In 2011, the Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation awarded Dr. Waite with the title of Macy’s Faculty Scholar. Her clinical scholarly work focuses on help-seeking behaviors and treatment engagement, with particular interest in depression, adult ADHD, and trauma and adversity among diverse populations.

Meghan S. Leahy, MS, NCC, BCC, is a certified counselor, a board-certified life, career, and leadership coach, and an accomplished educational innovator. As the founder and principal of Leahy Learning in Wynnewood, PA, her clinical work and research spans education, counseling, learning disabilities, coaching, mentoring, ADHD, and Autistic Spectrum Disorders. Ms. Leahy specializes in problem-solving and success strategies, focusing on the impact of learning processes on people throughout the life span - from childhood through professional career development. She graduated with her BA from St. Joseph’s University and her MS from Villanova University. Ms. Leahy has worked as a clinical associate in the Adult ADHD Treatment and Research Program in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania. In 2014, she was recognized by the The Wall Street Journal as a “Woman of Note” and provides consultation and training to schools, universities, and corporations on a variety of topics. Ms. Leahy has presented to international audiences and enjoys writing about issues pertaining to the mind and learning.

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