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Holistic/Integrative Textbook Courses

The Holistic/Integrative specialty courses shown below are available in textbook format. Simply add the online course to your cart and the textbook will be auto-added as well, along with shipping and handling costs. Don’t want a textbook? Remove it from your cart with a click.

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Healthy Aging, 3rd Edition – N31804

Course release date: 5/12/2020
Course expiration date: 5/12/2023

This course provides nurses and healthcare professionals with the additional knowledge to help encourage, teach, and guide older adults to actively practice healthy lifestyles for optimal living. The course presents the needs of the older adult patient to help healthcare professionals develop person-centered plans to provide satisfactory care and improve patient outcomes. Additionally, the course will set the stage for developing a healthier society for all to age well and successfully.
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Holistic and Integrative Nursing: Elements of Practice – N1815

Course release date: 8/14/2018
Course expiration date: 8/31/2021

This course incorporates the five elements of practice defined as vital – energy, fire, air, water, earth, and ether – that have endured for centuries and provided a structural focus for sickroom management, creating healing environments, and the nursing care of whole patients.  The course provides nurses with a broad understanding of how the five elements of practice are relevant today and guide them through the application of these elements to practice using various healing modalities. This in-depth understanding will provide a new perspective on clinical care, practice management, and quality of life for both the patient and the nurse.
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