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Looking for pharmacy technician continuing education courses? Elite has you covered with high-quality pharmacy techs CE that will help you to improve your industry expertise and maintain your professional license in South Carolina.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) 101 For Healthcare Professionals

1 Hrs
Coronavirus, caused by COVID-19, is a rapidly developing disease.  As this disease continues to expand and engulf communities across the United States, it is critical that healthcare professionals become informed of the national standards of care provided by the Centers for Disease Control and other authoritative agencies.  This basic-level course to provides the latest standardized information that is known about the identification, care, and prevention of the disease.  

Developing a Pharmacy Based Immunization Program

2 Hrs
This course provides an overview of a pharmacy-based immunization program; it is not designed to cover all situations. Additionally, this course only discusses federal law. Pharmacists must also be familiar with the requirements laid out by their respective state pharmacy laws and practice guidelines.

Sterile Drug Preparation

1 Hrs
This course reviews the standards of sterile compounding as discussed in USP Chapter <797>. Compliance with these standards is critical to remain compliant with state and federal compounding regulations (United States Pharmacopieal Convention, 2008; American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy, 2014).