Elite Pharmacist Testimonials

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Joseph L., Florida


Very informative! Even for a pharmacist who has been out of practice for awhile

Rebecca H., Florida


It flows well with the given information and covers a variety of important topics. Very educational!

Michelle G., Florida


It was very convenient for me to finish my continuing education being a mom of two! Its courses were well written and informative.

Informative,well written, hits the highlights as well as need to know information, nice to do at your own pace.

Annette, Florida

Inez H., Florida


It was a great experience-each course was easy to read and the information important-yet simple to digest!

Michael H., California


Material presented was not heavily comprehensive but thorough enough to give the reader adequate information for use in a retail setting. The author wrote clearly, summarily and with focus. Excellent presentation. Hats off to Pharmacist Ingersoll!

John J., California


This course is one of several I will be taking. I very much like your format and it makes your study book an excellent reference.