Elite Physical Therapy Testimonials

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Joan S., Kentucky

Physical Therapy

Very extensive description, helpful, and applicable.

Donna J., California

Physical Therapy

Good info and interesting course. Appreciate the ease of using the technology to complete a course.

Michael L., Ohio

Physical Therapy

The courses were easy to follow and study for prior to taking the tests on each topic. Relevant, clear and concise.

This was so easy to do on a busy schedule! I took my tests in the book at home, a little at a time, whenever I had a free moment. Then all I had to do was take 5 minutes to fill in the answers online that I had already chosen. The price is right too!

Diana, Florida

Natalie G., Texas

Physical Therapy

This course worked well with my current schedule while traveling with my family! I received the booklet by mail. It was very convenient!

Debbie G., Florida

Physical Therapy

I especially like the ability to do the courses and answer all of the questions before taking the test as it allows me to assimilate the information thoroughly and therefore t is retained. Thank You

Kristina K., New York

Physical Therapy

Absolutely the BEST home review! I loved the convenience and price point of the package booklet.