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Self Care 2019

Self Care 2019: An Elite Healthcare Resource Guide

Read This Issue Now! Welcome to the 2019 Elite Healthcare Self Care Resource Guide Cover Story: Managing Stress in the Workplace Stress-management tips to maintain health and maximize job performance. Featured Content: Making Self Care a Nursing Priority: Focusing on one’s self makes you…

Young and Already Burned Out By Nursing – Part 1

Employees, managers, and researchers agree that the new, young nurse needs to be mindful of occupational stress. A feeling of being “completely” overwhelmed, constant tiredness, a lack of empathy, little to no patience, and a high level of anxiety — these represent the symptoms…

Fifth Circuit Hearing Appears to Threaten Obamacare’s Future

Texas judge ruled in December that law should be struck Tuesday afternoon, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals heard oral arguments in Texas v. Azar and interrogated attorneys defending Obamacare’s individual mandate. They seemed deeply skeptical that the mandate can survive constitutional muster unless…

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