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Health Guide 2019 – An Elite Healthcare Resource Guide

Read This Issue Now! An Elite Healthcare Resource Guide Welcome to the Elite Healthcare – Health Guide.  Geriatric, Pediatric, male or female this guide has a little bit of information on some of today’s most important health topics. Cover Story The Perfection Factor Do We…

Graves’ disease is an autoimmune disorder

Understanding Graves’ Disease

Graves’ disease: explained Graves’ disease is an autoimmune disorder that affects approximately 1 in 200 people in the United States. The disorder results in an overactive thyroid, affects women more than men, and usually presents between the ages of 30 through 50. I was…

Hyperthyroidism versus Hypothyroidism

Hyperthyroidism versus Hypothyroidism

        Download PDF Here Hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism: explained The thyroid gland is a small gland, measuring approximately 2 inches, lying just below the Adam’s apple of the neck.  It consists of two lobes, or halves, that are connected by an isthmus…

easily avoidable infractions in healthcare

Legal Brief: Suggested A Simple New Year’s Resolution List For Your Practice

Easily avoidable infractions for every practice With this recurring column, Elite Healthcare provides readers with insight related to the legal implications of healthcare – offering practical guidance on scenarios that should be avoidable and providing suggested courses of action when appropriate. The examples provided…

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