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Focus on Education 2019

Focus On Education 2019 – An Elite Healthcare Guide

Read This Issue Now! An Elite Healthcare Guide to Career Development Through Education Welcome to the 2019 Focus on Education edition featuring advice and information to help you successfully navigate your career through advanced education and continuous learning. Cover Story Effectively Conference Networking in the…

Mental Health cover featured image

Mental Health 2019: An Elite Healthcare Resource Guide

Read This Issue Now! Welcome to the 2019 Elite Healthcare Mental Health Resource Guide Cover Story: An Epidemic of American Suicide Recent high-profile cases have caused society to ask bigger questions. Featured Content: Staying on Top of Your Game: Keys To Stay Mentally Healthy.…


Keep Your Guard Up – Mouthguard Use Needs to Increase in Youth Athletes

Oral injuries, concussion frequency could decrease with compliance Their use is plenty apparent in professional sports. You can see Stephen Curry fiddling with his in between free throws, or observe the numerous designs NFL players use on theirs. And it’s an automatic penalty to…


ADHA Supports Community Water Fluoridation 

Reliable means of reducing number of dental incidents over a lifetime The American Dental Hygienists’ Association has announced their support for community water fluoridation, claiming it offers a strong chance of reduction of the number of dental issues over the average lifespan. Research conducted…

CDC antibiotcs

New CDC Data Reveals Serious Nature of Drug Threats

Antibiotic-resistance infections on the rise Last week, the CDC released its Antibiotic Resistance Threats in the United States, 2019 (2019 AR Threats Report) includes the latest national death and infection estimates that underscore the continued threat of antibiotic resistance in the U.S. According to…

legal brief: medication

Legal Brief: Medication Administration & The Patient’s Family

The importance of monitoring medication administration in an in-patient facility is paramount All healthcare providers and administrators in an in-patient setting should be taking the added precaution of educating the patients’ families and caregivers about the prescribed regimens. Incorrect dispensing of medication at incorrect…

CMS 2020

CMS 2020 News

CMS 2020 final rule is being met with a lot of confusion and fear. Understanding some of the main points can help healthcare providers to start processing and possibly promote change of the rules. 1. Rehabilitation therapists will see an approximate 8% decrease in…

artificial intelligence and nursing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Future of Nursing

Artificial intelligence (AI) is not the first topic nurses consider on their way to work, but it is integrated into many aspects of workflow. As a young Intensive Care nurse, I remember being fascinated by the rhythms of electrocardiograms, learning how electrical patterns represented…

children with diabetes

A Nurse (and Mom’s) Journey with Diabetes

Nicole G. McLemore RN, BSN-ONC contributed the following article. It’s her personal perspective and reflection of her journey through diabetes, both as a mother and a nurse.  If I asked you to wear pink during October, it probably would not take you very long…

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