Diane Goodman, RN, MSN-C, CCRN, CNRN, is a semi-retired Acute Care Nurse Practitioner, with over 40 years of fulltime nursing experience. Although she no longer works fulltime as a Clinical Educator, she has maintained an active status as a Nursing Journalist & consultant during the last few years, writing and collaborating with nurses around the globe.

Her publications have been viewed in over 60,000 cities worldwide, and if you’ve submitted a manuscript for publication to a major nursing journal, it is highly likely she has been one of your reviewers.

She has also been known to examine charts for evidence of prudent nursing practice, when a plaintiff might be trying to suggest an infraction occurred (it didn’t!).

She is happiest when communicating with nurses from Australia, Canada, and the UK about the variances in healthcare systems, or writing about the compassion that drives all nurses to work harder than they should.

When Diane is not writing, she is reading (Bill Gates’ summer book list!), or just being a Chihuahua Mom, or enjoying her husband and family. At one point in her career, Diane maintained 5 nursing certifications, so the word “relax” takes times, but she’ll get there.