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Treatment of Returning Modern War Veterans

It is important that VA, vet center and other mental health practitioners recognize that the skills and experience they’ve developed in working with veterans with chronic PTSD will serve them well with those returning from the war. Their experience in talking about trauma, educating…

Psychological Assessment of Veterans of War

Once the clinician gains an overall sense of the veteran’s level of psychosocial functioning, a broader assessment of psychological symptoms, and responses to those symptoms that may be impairing, can be useful. However, this process can also be difficult and confusing since a wide…

Physiological Assessment of Veterans of War

New veterans of the wars will present initially in a myriad of ways. Some may be very frail, labile, emotional, and needing to share their story. The modal presentation is likely to be defended, formal, respectful, laconic, and cautious (as if they were talking…

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