What Is Your Career IQ?

Are you beginning, re-entering or reinventing a healthcare career? Don’t do it with guesswork or assumptions. Instead, confirm that your job-seeking strategies and your ability to handle workplace situations are on point with an easy, yet effective, self-assessment. ADVANCE Healthcare Network has created a free, unique Career IQ Test that will help you gauge your level of understanding about various career-driving touch points.

Touch Points

The touch points range from creating effective resumes and cover letters (for example, do you know how many resume versions you should have on file?) to conducting in-depth job searches (do you know how to inject social media into your search?) to job interviews (when should you discuss salaries?) to work life (how do you handle a difficult co-worker?) to career enhancement (what should you do before asking for a promotion?).

These questions, and others included in the Career IQ Test, are provided in an easy-to-answer multiple choice format. The results will inform your career-building strategies with a greater sense of direction and insight.

After you submit your answers to 20 targeted questions, you will immediately receive a Career IQ score calculated from your personal responses. More than just a fun exercise, the Career IQ Test will help you determine pockets of strengths or weaknesses in your career-readiness profile.

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Better yet, the score is just the beginning. You will be provided with links, selected just for you, that can help you in areas that may need additional reinforcement. You will be linked to custom information that target strikingly important issues-from writing an effective cover letter and staying calm during an interview to building a network and negotiating your salary. You will also find essential insights to put into play once on the job, such as strategies for getting a promotion, techniques for asking for a raise, considerations for adding new credentials and transitioning to management.

The Career IQ Test is an appropriate jumping-off point for people seeking to sharpen their career movement and keep it on an ascending path. Upon completion of the questionnaire, you will not only know what your percentile ranking is compared to other test takers, but will also gain access to a vast resource library of targeted articles, provided exclusively by ADVANCE Healthcare Network.

Valerie Neff Newitt is a staff writer. Contact: vnewitt@advanceweb.com.

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