Study: Contemplation of Suicide Common in LGBTQ Youth

Research from Trevor Project reveals concerning figures regarding suicide among the LGBTQ community

A recent survey from The Trevor Project found that two in every five LGBTQ youth in the United States have seriously contemplated suicide in the past year.

In a clinical mental health setting, survey responses like these would lead to follow-up screenings, according to Amy Green, the study lead and director of research at The Trevor Project.

“Our physicians, pediatricians and mental health providers need to be screening youth,” she said, urging professionals to take a closer look at sexuality and gender issues in youth mental health settings.

Representing the experiences of over 40,000 LGBTQ youth ages 13-24 across the United States, it is the largest survey of LGBTQ youth mental health ever conducted. This wealth of data highlights the resiliency and diversity of LGBTQ young people and demonstrates how important affirming one’s identity is to their health and wellness. Findings from this cross-sectional survey also point to best practices for how to support LGBTQ young people and contribute positively to their mental health.

Some more sobering statistics from the groundbreaking survey:

  • 40% of LGBTQ respondents seriously considered attempting suicide in the past twelve months, with more than half of transgender and nonbinary youth having seriously considered suicide
  • 48% of LGBTQ youth reported engaging in self-harm in the past twelve months, including over 60% of transgender and nonbinary youth
  • 46% of LGBTQ youth report they wanted psychological or emotional counseling from a mental health professional but were unable to receive it in the past 12 months

“The Trevor Project’s research, advocacy, education, and direct service programs will continue to elevate the voices and experiences of LGBTQ youth,” concluded the summary of the survey. “Our hope is that by publicly sharing our resources and our support for them, LGBTQ youth will hear us loud and clear: that they are beautiful the way they are, that their lives are valuable, and that they are never alone.”

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