10 Surprising Ways Haircuts Will Be Different Due to COVID-19

While many salons are back in business after shuttering their doors for months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, things are not entirely back to normal.

It’s not just face masks, barriers around stylist stations, and temperature checks at the front door. Here are 10 other surprising ways clients’ salon experiences will be different.

It May Take Longer to Get an Appointment

Whether they let their hair grow out during quarantine or attempted to cut their hair themselves, clients are banging down salon doors in order to look and feel their best again. This high demand for haircuts is only part of why it may take longer to book an appointment. Salons can only allow a limited amount of people to enter at one time. Additionally, depending on jurisdiction, some salons are either not allowed to or have chosen not to double book.

Appointments Will Be Quicker

Salons, recognizing that clients don’t want to sit inside for a couple of hours with strangers, have introduced speedier services. New “express colors” just take 30 minutes. The stylist will apply dye to a client’s roots, wrap the hair with cotton and a plastic cap, and send them home to rinse out their own hair.

Spa Services May Not Be Available

To avoid physical contact with clients as much as possible, many salons won’t be offering the typical spa services that are usually available on their menus.

Clients May Enjoy a Private Room

Since some states aren’t allowing salons to offer spa services, including waxing and facials, they have turned their spa rooms into private hair stations to boost social distancing measures. So, some clients may enjoy their own private room instead of being ushered to a row of chairs.

Clients May Have to Go Outside

If the salon has a back yard or patio, they may perform haircuts outside to make clients feel more safe and secure. However, clients will have to go inside of the salon to get shampooed. Additionally, if they want a blow-out, they should have that done inside as well to prevent any frizzing from hot and humid temperatures.

Clients May Have to Leave with Wet Hair

Some salons are skipping blow-drying services all together due to the fear that this act could spread virus particles. Moreover, other salons aren’t even washing their clients’ hair and instead, asking them to come in with clean hair to perform dry cuts.

You’ll Need Venmo

Or CashApp, PayPal, or Apple Pay to perform a contactless form of payment. And while many salons preferred cash tips pre COVID-19, they’re asking clients to Venmo those as well.

Clients May Have to Pay a COVID Surcharge

Extra hand sanitizers, disposable gloves and gowns, and plexi-glass all come at a cost. And some salons are passing that on to clients.

The First Few Minutes Could Be Awkward

Since everyone has to practice social distancing, stylists cannot greet their clients the way they normally do. There can’t be any hand shakes or hugs, making those first few minutes awkward and tense. However, stylists can engage customers verbally when wearing masks.

Clients Can’t Bring Their BFF with Them

Salons are only letting a few people through their doors at a time. This means that clients who used to bring moral support with them before they chopped off their locks are out of luck. To enjoy a haircut or color with a friend, clients will have to book their appointments at the same time as their pal.

The coronavirus has drastically altered the world, including how we get our hair cut. Thankfully, many salons are embracing the new normal to continue to deliver outstanding services to their clients while keeping them safe.

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