5 Beauty Trends that Will Be Huge in 2021

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The year 2020 rocked the beauty industry in both good and bad ways. It also gave us the opportunity to play around with our look and experiment with different beauty routines while in lockdown. Many beauty pros are taking this newfound creativity into 2021. From shag cuts to 80s-inspired colors, here are five beauty trends that will be huge in 2021.

1. Shag haircuts

Lockdown during the pandemic gave many folks the chance to play around with different haircuts and styles in the privacy of their own homes. One style predicted to be big in 2021 and already being rocked by Miley Cyrus is the 70s-inspired shag. With lots of texture and layers, this style works for almost any hair type. Whether you go the mullet route or a casual choppy bob, you’ll definitely feel and look like a rock star.

2. 80s eye colors

Things are about to get totally tubular with the resurgence of bold 80s-inspired eye glam. Eyes will be the main focus for the first half of 2021 since we’ll all still be wearing masks, so why not liven up your peepers with crazy colors? Think bright yellows, royal blues, and even rich blacks.

3. Colorful cat eyes

While the traditional cat eye will always be in fashion, more and more people are modernizing this look with playful and colorful methods. Use blue, brown, or rainbow liners to get the job done. You can also play around with height, length, or even the negative space of your awesome eye look.

4. Arched brows

Full brows definitely made quite the comeback in 2020. And this year, they’re here to stay. Strong arches help give more dimension to your face and make you look alert and awake.

5. A more natural look

We’re saying bye-bye to full-faced makeup looks as minimal styles become all the rage. In 2021, expect to see more women forgo the foundation and opt to wear lighter coverage, such as cream-based products, balms, and concealers.

From crazy eye colors to rocker hair, 2021 will definitely have us revealing our wild sides with these five beauty trends.

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