5 Old Hollywood Makeup Tricks to Implement in Your Holiday Look

The holidays are the perfect time to glam up your look and try out new makeup techniques.

Old Hollywood icons like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe really knew how to nail the elegance of classic red lips and porcelain skin.

Here are five tried-and-true old Hollywood beauty tricks to recreate this season for your next holiday soiree.

1. Subtle Contouring

Recently, heavy contouring is all the rage. However, this face-shaping beauty technique originated with a lighter hand. Hollywood starlet Grace Kelly only used blush to contour her face, applying darker tones under her cheekbones and lighter colors on the apples of her cheeks. Skip the heavy contour, strobe, and bake technique for a softer look.

2. The Perfect Red Pout

Marilyn Monroe was acclaimed for her full, red lips. Her makeup artist went to great lengths to achieve her look, using up to five different shades of lipstick. This holiday season, apply some dramatic cherry red lipstick to your lips for a memorable look.

3. The Devil is in the Details

When it comes to a flawless face, attention to the smallest details can certainly go a long way. Whether it’s ensuring your mascara doesn’t clump or creating a sharp and steady cat-eye look, your beauty routine definitely benefits from preciseness. Take a cue from Audrey Hepburn’s makeup artist who painstakingly used a pin to separate each and every lash after applying mascara to achieve her gorgeous doe eyes.

4. A Flawless Complexion

Before social media filters, old Hollywood stars would get their crystal clear skin by removing all of their facial peach fuzz. They were also super smart about shade matching.

5. Get Unique with Your Skin Care

Many old Hollywood actresses would think outside of the box when it came to their daily skin care routines. For instance, Mae West used a coconut oil concoction for her youthful glow, while Sophia Loren bathed in olive oil.

For a stunning look this holiday, go back to the basics with these beauty secrets from old Hollywood.

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