6 Hacks to Look Your Best On Zoom


Whether it’s a virtual happy hour with your besties or an office conference with your colleagues, more and more folks are turning to Zoom to stay connected during the COVID-19 pandemic.

During your Zoom meeting, you want to look your best. This can be tricky if you’ve been sitting around in your loungewear all day long and binge watching Netflix. To look presentable pronto, here are six simple beauty hacks to put your best foot, or rather face, forward.

1. Lighting

In order to get the best lighting possible, ensure you are facing natural lighting and that the source is coming from behind the camera. If you don’t have any windows in your home office, you can also redirect a desk lamp so that the light is bouncing off of a nearby wall.

However, avoid pointing the light directly on your face because you’ll be bathed in an unflattering yellow hue.

2. Avoid a Puffy Face

If you’ve consumed too much salty foods (or wine) the previous night, you could have woken up with a puffy face. A quick and easy solution to combat puffiness is to use an ice-cold facial roller. Simply pop that baby in the freezer for a few minutes and glide in over your face in an upward motion for a fast lymphatic drainage massage.

If you don’t have a facial roller, a couple of ice cubes folded into a clean napkin will do the trick.

3. Correct Your Complexion

If your skin is red or you have a dull complexion, use a color-correcting moisturizing cream before you apply your makeup. If you need even more coverage, opt for a concealer to hide dark circles under your eyes.

4. Get More Dimension

If your Zoom meeting is in the early morning, your tired eyes can look sunken over the camera. To make yourself look more perky, apply a light shimmery shade to your lids, and a darker hue to your crease. Utilize a blending brush to perfectly melt the two colors together and avoid demarcation lines.

5. Liven Up Your Hair

To ward off bed head, simply spritz some dry shampoo into your roots and give yourself a relaxing head massage to help your roots absorb any excess oil. Afterward, section out the front hair around the hairline using a small round brush to create volume. This gives the illusion of a fresh blowout.

6. Don’t Forget Your Lips

Pale lips can make you look like a corpse. Bring yourself back to life by putting on your favorite lip color. We recommend a tinted lip balm as glosses can appear too shiny and a bit messy on camera.

Now that you look your best, you’re ready to be the star of any Zoom conference!

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