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Dealing with Negative Reviews

We’ve all been there. It starts off as a normal day: taking clients, making appointments, business as usual. During a lull you pull out your phone and check your salon’s social media page… only to read a terrible review from your last customer. In…

filling downtimes on your calendar

Filling Downtimes on Your Calendar

Something any salon professional will experience at one point or another is a hole in the schedule. How are you filling that downtime? Are you using it to watch cute puppy videos on YouTube? Do you spend it scrolling aimlessly through Facebook? While that’s…

tax tips for your salon

Tax Tips for Your Salon

With tax season right here—today is the last day to file your 2017 taxes—there’s no better time to start thinking about how you can make this day easier for yourself in the years to come. Some of us dread the thought of preparing our…

how to price your cosmetology services

How to Price Your Cosmetology Services

Have you ever looked at the price of something and wondered where on earth they came up with that number? Well-known brands can charge more because they are well-established and have the confidence that people will pay that price. However, if you’re not a…

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