Stay Connected with your Clients through Email Marketing

We all know marketing is a fundamental part of the industry and is the main source for business growth and development. There are plenty of marketing tools out there, but one that is highly successful is email marketing. Our inboxes get flooded daily, so you need to make your email stand out. Here are four basic concepts to create an amazing email marketing campaign.


Create a well thought out marketing plan—how often you are sending emails, what you want to achieve, and how to make them stand out. The top emails your clients will be more inclined to open are discounts and sales. There are other ways to stay connected with your clients: celebrate special occasions, such as birthdays and anniversaries; email reminders a few days before your clients’ scheduled appointments; or, send a monthly e-newsletter. The options are endless!


What is the subject line of your emails? If it’s the same thing every time you aren’t going to draw your clients’ attention and they may not open it at all. Try to think of subject lines that would draw your attention if you saw it come through your inbox. Another tip: make sure the subject line is related to the content.


There’s not much worse than reading a page of text without pictures explaining the purpose of the email. If you’re having a sale on a product line or featuring a new service, add photos of the product in the center to break up the text. Try to make your layout organized—but fun and functional at the same time.


All your contact information—including links or buttons to your salon’s social media accounts—should be included at the bottom of all of your emails. Don’t forget: your emails must include an unsubscribe link in case you have clients that would rather opt-out.

Email marketing campaigns are a great to keep your clients engaged and interested in your business throughout the year. Take note of the emails you receive in your inbox and use them as references to structure your own emails. Not sure how to get started? MailChimp allows you to create beautiful, professional email campaigns for free! Make sure you email often enough that you stay in your clients’ mind, but not so often that you get on their nerves.

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