Repeat Customers are your Best Path to Growth

repeat customers

When you look at your schedule what type of client fills your day? New customers or repeat customers? Most likely, the answer to that is “repeat customers.” In the salon industry, your livelihood is based on repeat customers.

Here are 5 reasons why you need to refocus your time and resources on your existing clientele to make sure they can be maintained as repeat customers.


New clients are going to be very wary to trust you with certain services and products until they know you and your product. Your current clientele is coming back to you time and time again and completely trusts you. Your clients are spending more money than a first time client and will continue to spend more money over time.


In the spa and salon industry you have the privilege to get to know your clients and build professional and personal relationships with them. Your clients are extremely loyal in an industry that can be quite competitive. According to Accenture’s 2008 global customer satisfaction report, client turnover is due to poor quality service rather than price. You’ll want to focus on spending time and money on client appreciation to ensure those relationships stay strong. Be as equally loyal to your clients as they are to you.

Friends & Family.

This isn’t anything new, but as a reminder: if your clients are happy, they’re going to tell other people. How many clients have you acquired from a previous clients referral? Your clients grow your business for free by simply sharing your work with others. This industry is based on referrals and you need to realize how amazing that can be for business.


It’s simple math—it is easier to sell products and services to an existing client rather than to find, market, and sell to a new client. Existing clients are already in the door, so selling them on a product or service is easy. Advertising to attract new clients is great, but think about the time and the money it takes with no guarantees.


With your existing clientele, you already have their email address, phone number, and see them on a regular basis. With that information you’re able to use them to better your business. Interested in bringing on a new product line? Send out an email blast asking your existing clientele! Your clients are an excellent resource to give you honest feedback and tell you what services they love and which services you could do without.

So, before you get out there and spend hundreds or even thousands on marketing, think twice! Your existing clientele are invaluable, and can make or break your business. Invest your time and money into what makes them happy and think of ways to keep them coming back!

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