Cosmetologists Can Thrive During COVID-19

Cosmetologists Can Thrive

For some, just surviving the pandemic isn’t good enough; some cosmetologists can thrive, if they know how.

As cosmetologists, can your business thrive or survive during the uncertain times of a pandemic? While many unknowns are surrounding how and when businesses will reopen, this is the most crucial time to support your clients.

You may not be able to see clients in-person, there are many ways to ensure your business stays afloat. Now is the time to ensure your clients’ needs are taken care of by the person they trust the most… you! Here are three ways your business can thrive during the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Create & Sell Custom Retail Care Packages

There’s nothing quite like bringing a little spa or salon home with you. Whether it’s a bundle of hair care, nail treatments, or an at-home facial kit, the sky is the limit. Show that you genuinely care and create custom retail packages for your clients. Offer free shipping, contactless delivery, or curbside pickup based on your state’s laws to ensure a safe and easy way for your clients to receive their treats.

2. Offer Virtual Consultations & Digital Training

Your clients are scrolling Pinterest and YouTube, so why not share your expertise and earn some cash? You can charge for consultations via Zoom or Facetime. Demonstrate your expertise and charm as you create engaging training sessions on how to facial massage at home, braid your own hair, or another DIY project. Don’t worry about clients learning your skills and never returning; instead, they’ll realize just how valuable you are. All professionals know that the experience and results attained from a DIY project will never be the same as a pro service.

3. Sell Gift Cards & Discounted Service Packages

Another great option is to pre-sell gift cards for your services now to be redeemed later. You can also offer packages of high dollar treatments at a discounted rate; this way, your books will be filled month after month. Think about services clients schedule a few times a year, like keratin treatments or advanced skin care modalities.

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