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Infectious Disease Guide 2020 – An Elite Healthcare Resource Guide

Read This Issue Now! An Elite Healthcare Resource Guide Welcome to the Elite Healthcare – Infectious Disease Guide. Today more than ever it is important to learn about and understand ways to identify and deal with issues surrounding infectious disease. In the midst of the COVID-19…

COVID-19 Digestive Issues

COVID-19 Digestive Issues and Common Symptoms

COVID-19 can cause digestive issues before respiratory problems COVID-19 and its associated digestive issues occur as the chief complaint in nearly half of patients presenting to hospitals according to a new descriptive, cross-sectional multicenter study from China completed by investigators from the Wuhan Medical…


COVID-19: We are all in this together and Elite wants to hear your voice.

Let’s learn from each other by sharing experiences good or bad. The COVID-19 pandemic has become our largest national emergency in decades, and the defining healthcare event for most of our careers. The challenges placed upon the healthcare system are well documented, but what…

COVID-19 impacts Physical Therapy

COVID-19 Impacts Physical Therapy

Tele-health soon to take center stage as COVID-19 impacts physical therapy and associated professions Social distancing during the coronavirus outbreak means a complete reexamination of how healthcare services are delivered. COVID-19 impacts physical therapy and other rehab professions very harshly, though many ‘experts’ have…

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