MaaS Now Available to Community Health Systems

New offering improved access while reducing costs

MEDITECH’s web-based EHR subscription service became available for community-based health systems recently.

MEDITECH as a Service (MaaS) was originally only available to critical access hospitals, but will now be commercially available to larger community health systems as well. The EHR product offering is a cloud-based subscription that offers health systems full access to MEDITECH’s web-based EHR system, Expanse.

The EHR product offering is designed to reduce the complexity and costs associated with selecting, implementing, hosting, and maintaining an EHR system while also improving clinical efficiency for users and ensuring providers have the tools needed to deliver high-quality patient care.

“We are so excited to extend this offering to our customers and prospects beyond the CAH space,” said MEDITECH President and CEO Howard Messing. “We understand that the focus should be on the patient, on providing quality care—not on IT. MaaS empowers organizations to maintain that focus.”

MEDITECH developed MaaS to streamline the EHR implementation process for providers. Community health systems will be able to go live with Expanse using healthcare industry best practices in an accelerated time frame.

The health IT company engages a hands-on approach to the implementation process to facilitate efficient end-user EHR training and EHR optimization. By using a remotely-hosted data center, community health systems will avoid the costs associated with maintaining their own in-house EHR system.

“MaaS represents a meaningful step in driving EHR access and adoption for organizations of all sizes,” said Helen Waters, Executive Vice President at MEDITECH. “The cloud-based EHR subscription service equips organizations with the technology needed to improve organizational efficiency and ensure quality patient care.”

SOURCE: EHR Intelligence

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