Laboratories in dire need of renovation

Document cites repeated attempts to bring facilities up to date

You may have heard people discuss performing tasks with ‘smoke and mirrors’ or ‘keeping it together with spit and bubble gum.’ But a couple of Canadian laboratories are taking those expressions too literally, according to recently leaked documents.

Diagnostic Services Manitoba’s 2017-2017 Annual Health Plan singled out hospitals in the towns of Thompson and Morris as needing immediate and desperate renovations to their laboratories.

According to CBC News, floors and air conditioning units were held in place with tape. Cleaning the floor was impossible in the Morris laboratory due to its poor condition. Worse still, CBC learned that no available funding exists to bring the facilities up to date. At the Thompson facility, officials have been requesting updates for the better part of a decade.

As of right now, conditions at Thompson have deteriorated to the point where the ability to provide test results is impacted.

One spokesperson with Diagnostic Services Manitoba indicated that repairs were made to the Morris laboratory during the time the report was completed. Baseboards and flooring were repaired. He indicated the adverse conditions were the result of “expected wear and tear over time.”

In Thompson, heating, venting, and air conditioning renovations are scheduled for March. Other requests, including a potential expansion of the lab, are still pending.

SOURCE: Canadian Broadcasting Company

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