Liquid Biopsy Test Can Identify Most Mutated Genes

Evaluation is now available globally

Roche has announced the global availability of FoundationOne® Liquid, a liquid biopsy test. Many cancer patients have insufficient or inadequate tissue for genomic testing and may therefore benefit from FoundationOne Liquid. This new test joins FoundationOne CDx to deliver a complementary portfolio which provides insights to personalise a patient’s treatment plan.

FoundationOne Liquid can identify circulating tumour DNA in the blood of people living with cancer and can identify 70 of the most commonly mutated genes in solid tumours, including microsatellite instability, a genomic signature which may help inform cancer immunotherapy-based treatment decisions.1,2 From a single blood sample, the liquid biopsy offers a quick and convenient option for some patients with solid tumours.3

FoundationOne Liquid meets a compelling need for comprehensive genomic profiling for people who have insufficient or inadequate tissue, including those with advanced non-small cell lung cancer, where an estimated 15% of patients are not eligible for tissue biopsy and approximately 10% have a biopsy size that is insufficient to evaluate.4,6 The liquid complements FoundationOne CDx, a tissue-based genomic profiling test launched in the U.S. earlier this year, to deliver a portfolio of comprehensive genomic profiling services for healthcare professionals.

“Cancer is a disease of the genome and genomic profiling of every patient’s tumour at the start of their treatment journey will provide transformative outcomes for patients,” said Sandra Horning, MD, chief medical officer at Roche.

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