Press Release: SyntheticCheck


Sciteck® was the first company to provide adulteration testing products for specimen validity testing in 1989 and its new product for the detection of Synthetic Urine submitted for drugs of abuse and insurance testing will promote and ensure Public safety. This product has been validated for use in a Nationally Accredited FDT laboratory and is 100% effective at the detection of synthetic urine. Recent studies have shown that the frequency of synthetic urine use in the population surrounding a moderate sized regional laboratory is between 10 to 15%. That indicates, at a minimum, 1 out of every 10 urines submitted for drug testing is fake. As the use of drugs of abuse rises, the substitution of samples will rise as well. The addition of a synthetic urine testing system either by the use of a strip or liquid reagent should be an integral part of any collection site or laboratory screening program. The SyntheticCheck reagents and strips should allow for collectors and laboratories to better ensure correct results for clients.

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