Rare Medical Conditions Documented Around the World

Not everything is Hypertension, arthritis or the common cold

This time of year, the big concern in the medical world is preparation for flu season. People schedule their vaccines, while preparing for the worst.

But at least a protocol exists for treatment for influenza. Imagine for a second being diagnosed with one of these rare-but-real conditions reported by Medical News Today:

Alice in Wonderland Syndrome: Individuals with the condition can experience alteration of body image or their surrounding environment, whereby they perceive body parts or external objects to be bigger or smaller than they actually are.

Water Allergy: It’s as simple as it sounds. people with the condition are unable to engage in a number of normal everyday activities, including taking a bath or shower, going swimming, or going outside in the rain. Even crying can lead to a breakout of hives for some individuals, and in rare cases, drinking water can trigger an allergic reaction.

Walking Corpse or Cotard’s syndrome: Named for French neurologist Dr. Jules Cotard, walking corpse syndrome is a mental disorder whereby a person believes they are missing body parts, or that they have lost their soul or died.

Stone Man Syndrome: A genetic condition in which muscle and connective tissue regenerate as bone in response to damage, gradually forming a second skeleton and causing immobility.

Alien Hand Syndrome: Rare motor disorder characterized by purposeful yet involuntary activity in one hand. An example is buttoning a shirt with one hand, while the other hand unbuttons it at the same time.

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