2020 Elite Healthcare Education Edition

Welcome to the 2020 Elite Healthcare Education Edition featuring advice and information to help you successfully navigate your career through advanced education and continuous learning.


THE PRESENT & FUTURE OF ONLINE LEARNING – Changed expectations may prove to be the new educational ‘normal’


CAREER GUIDE – CASE MANAGER – Skills and Competencies needed for the position

BECOMING A CERTIFIED DIABETES CARE AND EDUCATION SPECIALIST – Various health care professionals can qualify for this position

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT IN THE DIGITAL AGE – Factors to consider in the total delivery of continuing education and professional

A TAKE ON LEADERSHIP… MY INTERVIEW WITH THE DIRECTOR – A nursing professional talks candidly with her former coworker, now a director

TOP POSTGRADUATE HEALTHCARE EDUCATION PROGRAMS – Not all schools are built the same. Which is best for your area of study?

WHAT DO YOU LOOK FOR IN A LEADER? – How COVID-19 has highlighted some of the “softer” skills leaders need to truly thrive

CONTINUING EDUCATION: THE NEVER-ENDING JOURNEY – The history, intent, and some outcomes of added knowledge


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