ADVANCE 2018 Best Nursing Team Awards!


Each year ADVANCE for Nursing recognizes some of the best nursing teams around the country for their hard work, resilience and dedication. Think your team has what it takes? Choose a category and fill out the form below to nominate your team for 2018 Best Nursing Team!

Entrants choose one of the categories from the list below. In 1,000 words or less describe your team’s most defining moment in the category you choose. Once submissions are closed, entrants will be judged by a panel of their peers and one winner will be chosen for each category. Nomination submissions will close on August 15th.


Describe how your team created a new process or procedure and demonstrate the outcomes of those changes.

Describe how your team adapted to a challenge or change and demonstrate the outcomes of that adaptability.

Describe how your team has earned and uses expert knowledge and skill to make a difference, and provide the outcomes that result from this expertise.

Describe how your team has made an impact outside its own unit or facility and demonstrate the outcomes that result from this outreach.

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