Advancements in Permanent Eyebrow Makeup

Permanent makeup, or microblading, for eyebrows has become an increasingly popular form of cosmetic tattooing, a result of recent advancements in needle technology. It is known by a variety of names such as microstroking, feather touch, eyebrow embroidery, and hair-like strokes.

Microblading enhances the appearance of the eyebrows by simulating hairs in areas of missing eyebrow or creating a fuller and more attractive eyebrow shape. Cosmetic tattoo pigment is implanted using a hand tool with extremely fine-gauged needles fused together in a linear fashion to create a more fine and crisp hair stroke. The limitation with use of traditional cosmetic tattoo machine needles is the size of the needle used—it results in larger hair strokes. In addition, the vibration of most machines is less conducive to creating crisp, clean lines.

Cosmetic tattooing using microblading requires the technician to have artistic ability. The patient’s facial features, gender, ethnicity, and natural hair pattern characteristics and patterns must be respected when microblading. The illusion of actual hair strokes can appear 3-D, creating a natural appearance.

Adversely, microblading can result in complications, like patient dissatisfaction due to shape, size, color, pigment migration, or asymmetry. Allergy reaction to pigment used or aftercare products can occur.

Although uncommon, more serious complications such as transmission of blood-borne pathogenic organisms—Hepatitis C, HIV—can occur. Cosmetic tattoo artists should hold appropriate licenses and registrations, including annually completing and passing a blood-borne pathogen certificate exam. Aseptic technique, clinical grade equipment, and supplies must be used—including sterile single-use needles when performing microblading—in order to minimize the risk of these serious complications.

Men and women can benefit from microblading eyebrows. Desired enhancement of brow hairs missing due to trauma; hormonal imbalance; autoimmune conditions (such as alopecia, where complete loss of eyebrow hairs can occur); or those who desire darker, fuller, and a more attractive, natural-appearing eyebrows are made possible through microblading.

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