German Nurse Charged with Murdering Nearly 100 Patients

Niels Hoegel was already serving a life sentence

German prosecutors made a stunning announcement Monday, charging Niels Hoegel with 97 murders of patients in his care.

Hoegel was a nurse at a clinic in Oldenburg from 1999–2002, and again in Delmenhorst from 2003–2005. It was at Delmenhorst where he committed the crimes that saw him convicted of two murders and two more attempted murders. Hoegel was given a life sentence in 2015.

The latest charges come on the heels of an announcement from investigators in late 2017 that they believed Hoegel may have killed over 100 patients in total.

During his trial, Hoegel testified that he intentionally caused cardiac arrest and other disruptions in about 90 patients in Delmenhorst, because he enjoyed the feeling of being able to revive them. But after his conviction, he told investigators ht he did likewise at Oldenburg, prompting more toxicological examinations on patients who passed away at the hospital during Hoegel’s employment.

The German justice system does not allow for consecutive sentences, meaning further conviction would only serve to affect Hoegel’s chances at parole.

Police said that if officials at the respective hospitals had alerted authorities, Hoegel could’ve been stopped sooner. They added that authorities are already pursuing criminal charges against various hospital staff and administrators.

SOURCES: Time Magazine, The Washington Post

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