Healthcare Careers 2018


An ADVANCE and Elite CE Career Resource Guide

Cover Story
Untold Stories of the HR: Interview advice told through the horror stories of your peers and colleagues

How to Obtain Personal & Professional Balance: Offering insight into a journey of separation

2018’s Fastest Growing Careers in Healthcare: Rates of growth, salary information for professions with particularly bright futures

Education Should Be Continuous: Five pillars to ensure you never stop learning

Technology’s Impact on Communication, Careers and Patient Care: How technology is taking healthcare networking, communication and learning to a new level

How do You Manage Muscle Inflammation?: Looking at how NSAIDs, Ice, and Laser stack up

Do You Really Need Another Credential?: Advanced training can be crucial to career development

The Benefits of Specialization: Two veteran healthcare professionals discuss how obtaining specialty certifications has improved their clinical skills and enhanced their careers

Important ‘Soft Skills’ needed to advance as a Healthcare Professional: Developing more than clinical and technical skills is an integral factor for long-term success

10 Things You Should Never Say to Coworkers: Certain things that should never be said in the workplace

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