Interactive Nursing Salary Map by State and Education Level

Welcome to the 2019 Interactive Salary Map for Nurses

For 2019 Elite Healthcare decided to breakdown nursing salaries beyond the state level to give a more accurate picture of the industry as it relates to the topic of education. As many nurses already know, degree requirements are a hot topic of discussion in many states where minimum requirements for education in nursing are being redefined.

Based on our results from just under 15,000 respondents, the following map shows the average salary for nurses working in each state after attaining a certain level of education from LPN to Doctorate. Generally speaking, higher education means high salaries, but not in all cases and remember the cost of living and other factors must be considered for each region.

To use the map, click on or touch the state of your choice. The state will appear in blue, and the number breakdown will appear in an orange box in the top right of the page. Some state/degree combinations were not on any of our responses, so certain degrees may appear as blank in certain states.

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