Part-Time and Freelance Nurses in Demand, and Other Nursing News

Nurse in facemask traveling due to demand in part-time and freelance nurses

Healthcare facilities and agencies are increasingly employing part-time and freelance nurses. Entrepreneur Rebecca Love, RN, MSN, FIEL, encourages nurses to be empowered “hackers.” Oncology nurses discuss the practice of nursing and treating patients who are living with cancer in The Oncology Nursing Podcast. A nursing student at the University of Pennsylvania has invented a light to help reduce hospital insomnia. Read on for more nursing news and insights.

Part-time and freelance nurses in demand

With the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic affecting healthcare staffing ongoing, both due to illnesses and providers deciding to reduce their hours or retire, facilities and agencies are increasingly employing staff on a non-full-time basis.

According to a recent report by the Los Angeles Times, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and nursing assistants are all in demand and are earning additional hours at encouraging rates, and recruitment services are available to assist in finding placement.

Local and travel opportunities for part-time nurses and freelance nurses are said to be available, and there are reportedly little to no costs associated with the services that help with recruitment.

Available resources include:

The pandemic is also reportedly impacting those interested in nursing school and other medical careers. According to a recent report by Newsday, college applications are on the rise for a variety of healthcare professions.

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Entrepreneur encourages nurses to be empowered “hackers”

Nurses have frequently made it known that they feel their voices, from a clinical standpoint, are too often overlooked by their peers—especially physicians. But the history of Florence Nightingale still remains the most influential of voices for the nearly 4 million nurses currently employed in the United States, according to Rebecca Love, RN, MSN, FIEL, a nurse, entrepreneur, author, and speaker.

During a time of pandemic when nursing services and shortages are gaining increased attention, a TEDx presentation by Love is trending due to her concept that nurses promote a revolution of sorts by contributing to hackathons and other events that support innovative thought to improve nurses’ impact on such issues as the design of healthcare products and workflows.

The first nurse to be featured on, Love has since designed and built the first nurse innovation program in the U.S. at Northeastern University and has founded SONSIEL, a 501C-3 non-profit for which she serves as president, that aims to reposition and redefine the image of nursing across healthcare.

Podcast spotlight: The Oncology Nursing Podcast

Launched in 2017, this podcast by the Oncology Nursing Society (ONS) features conversations between oncology nurses who discuss topics relevant to the practice of nursing and treating patients who are living with cancer.

In the most recent episode, “The How-To of Home Infusions,” Tammy Glover, MSN, RN, OCN, nurse manager of home infusion at Penn Medicine in Philadelphia, joins Stephanie Jardine, BSN, RN, oncology clinical specialist, to discuss best practices for home infusions and how oncology nurses can implement programs at their institutions.

Nursing student invents light to reduce hospital insomnia

A student who attends the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing has invented wearable lights for nurses and other healthcare professionals to avoid disturbing patients while they work during nighttime hours. According to a recent article in the Philadelphia Inquirer, 21-year-old Anthony Scarpone-Lambert, of Chalfont, PA, has launched the product uNight Light under his company Lumify Care.

A first-generation student, Scarpone-Lambert is reportedly attempting to start selling the uNight Light in March. The anticipated cost of each light is $20.

The product was reportedly conceived when Scarpone-Lambert and a business partner, Jenniffer Mancillas, a current registered nurse in California, met at a Johnson & Johnson-sponsored conference. The two collaborated researching the difficulties that patients experience during hospital stays and interviewed 250 nurses.

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