Quincy College Drops Appeal, State Board Shuts Down Nursing Programs

More than 250 students left searching for alternatives

Quincy College (MA) has decided to drop its appeal of a recent decision by the Massachusetts state nursing board to shut down the school’s nursing programs.

Quincy mayor Thomas Koch is serving as the interim leader and says he decided that the appeal case brought by school officials lacked sufficient merit.

“This was the premier program at Quincy College for years,” said Koch. “I’ve got to figure out what happened.”

The state board formally withdrew its approval of the nursing programs on May 9 after finding serious deficiencies. Peter Tsaffaras, the college’s president since 2011, announced his resignation the following week, acknowledging he had lost the support of the college’s board of governors.

Mayor Koch says he wants to bring in consultants to help determine the root cause of these deficiencies—whether they exist in admissions, curriculum, or elsewhere.

Meanwhile, that doesn’t help the 26 nursing students left scrambling to find a suitable program to finish their education. Many, such as Timothy White, expressed concern over costs involved in transferring.

“It’s a very real thing for us every day since May 9,” he said.

The state nursing board cited Quincy’s poor record of success on the NCLEX, high faculty turnover, and lack of curriculum standards.

SOURCE: Boston Globe

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