Real Stories of Breast Cancer Warriors

We want to honor the breast cancer warriors working in healthcare who have demonstrated valor, inspiration and positivity as they conquer their battle. This month we asked our community to share stories of inspirations about the nurse warriors in their life. Here are just a few of the amazing submissions.

Clinician Handout: A Nurse’s Guide to Breast Cancer

Merisa N. nominated by Jody Davis

“Merisa is a kind hearted, caring, and understanding individual. She seeks daily to go the extra mile in her residents’ lives. Even though battling through her very own history, it never ceases to amaze us how truly devoted she is to her nursing. Her belief in ‘doing the right thing because it’s the right thing to do ‘ each and every day is what sets her above the rest. Always tendering kindness with knowledge and professionalism, taking time out of her busy, hectic day to always help a fellow nurse out no matter if it be a simple task or time consuming she is truly a professional! Giving, caring, kind, I just don’t think there are enough adjectives in the English language to describe her. To know Merisa is to love her, to know what she has survived is to admire her.”

Bonnie W. nominated by Hannah Dupont

“Michelle kept up a running account of all she went through as she experienced breast cancer, its treatments and side effects of this treatment on Facebook. She did runs and other activities to benefit breast cancer. Michelle did this while working as an ER nurse and caring for her small daughter. When I was diagnosed this year with breast cancer, the account of her struggles and how she faced them gave me COURAGE to face them too. I am grateful every day for Michelle and those Like her who taught me that a positive attitude makes a Major difference in your treatment and your outcome. For these reasons I feel Michelle is a true warrior.”

Michelle L. nominated by Dorothy Montanez

“Bonnie was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer while in nursing school. She underwent chemo, radiation and a double mastectomy at the young age of 25. Bonnie did not let cancer stop her from achieving her goal of becoming an RN. Bonnie, who lost her mom to cancer while in college achieving her BA, pushed herself to go back to school and get her ASN. Bonnie graduated, passed her NCLEX and kicked cancer’s butt. She is now working as an RN at Stamford Hospital where she was a patient. She is enrolled in an RN to BSN program and continues to push herself and everyone around her daily. Bonnie has raised money for the Bennett Cancer Center and participated in several other selfless acts to help those in need.”

Do you know a healthcare professional whose breast cancer journey has been an inspiration to those around her?

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