Self-Care 2021: An Elite Learning Resource Guide

Welcome to the 2021 Elite Learning Self-Care Resource Guide

The Self-Care 2021 issue will provide you with tools and advice to improve your quality of life as a person and a hard-working healthcare professional from preventing burnout to practicing self-care during the pandemic. Click each story link below to read more.

Cover Story:

Practicing Self-Care During The Pandemic: The mental impact of the past year has seen the approach to self-care evolve.

Featured Content:

How to Handle Difficult Coworkers: Replace reactions with solutions

Meditation for Healthcare Workers: It may seem like meditating is hard – but it does not have to be!

Accomplish More in Less Time: Climb the 7-Step Productivity Pyramid

Taking Care of Yourself and Your Mental Health: Even more important today

Understanding Self-Care: Healthy tips to reduce stress and have more fun in life

What is Mindfulness?: How can it benefit healthcare workers?

Preventing Burnout: The 56-Second Fix may be antidote

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